Hydropower is a huge resource, highly efficient and respectful of nature.

EEI is able to offer its solutions for a wide range of hydroelectric applications, from small 100 kW applications to large installations with the capacity of several MW.

In the field of hydroelectric energy, an effective energy production solution is based on the use of variable speed turbines equipped with a Direct Drive permanent magnet generator or a Double Fed induction generation (DFIG).

The inverter consists of a PWM inverter and an AFE (Active Front End) interface with the electricity grid.

The main features of the system are:

  • High efficiency with modular IGBT units
  • Fiber optic connections
  • Use of film capacitors for an increased useful life
  • Ability to operate the rotating machine as a generator or as a motor
  • Control units based on DSP and MP
  • Optoisolated I / O
  • Network side unitary power factor
  • Water or air cooling
  • Modular solutions


EEI has developed the solution for the parallel connection of 60kW turbines to the multi-MW with synchronous permanent magnet generator.

This configuration allows to eliminate the gearbox and to supply energy even when the frequency is variable.

The control logic was developed to actively manage abnormal operating conditions (e.g. lack of network, strong water flow etc.), regardless of the security system adopted.

EEI produces its converter for hydroelectric application in close collaboration with the generator manufacturer in order to optimize performance, increasing efficiency and profitability system.

The modular architecture allows multiple units to be connected in parallel on the same secondary transformer in order to manage different plant dimensions.

IGBT active front end

Only thin film DC link capacitors and modular design to facilitate maintenance operations

Self-protection functions

low THD(I), adjustable power factor

State-of-the-art solution, developed and designed according to customer needs