The technological knowledge and the references acquired over the years, combined with a business vocation always devoted to the development of highly customized solutions, makes, EEI the ideal partner for the realization of power systems in the fields of nuclear fusion.

The field of physics needs the best technology currently available and a high adherence to technical specifications givenby the researchers.

EEI designs and manufactures power supplies for magnetic coils and other applications in the field of plasma physics, making them to customer specifications, providing the best solutions available on the market.

In addition to the converters with high dynamic properties of the HDPS series, EEI manufactures the following customized products:

  • Fast Inverter for Resistive Wall Mode Control
  • Power Supply DC/DC for the magnetic coils of the Tokamak


Experiments and research upon the nuclear fusion makes large use of coils for the confinement and control of plasma.
The drives that supply current to those coil mast join together high precision and optimal dynamic behavior with response times up to 12 µs and set achievement times up to 30 µs.
EEI power supply can be provided in a cabinet or 19-inch rack architecture solution, according to performance and customer requests.

Main applications:

EEI-HDPS : High Dynamic Power Supplies

EEI power supply belonging to EEI-HDPS series are provided in a complete solution, inclusive of all electromechanical components for protection and disconnection.
Command and control of DC/DC units is made through DSP with signal transmission over fiber optic, in order to achieve the level of coordination among the units that is necessary in this type of application.
Cabinets of EEI-HDPS converter includes the capacitive banks that is needed to support effectively the drives during system functioning.