Power electronics and industrial automation systems since 1978

Our histrory

For more than 40 years the progression of EEI has been gradual and continuous until it reaches its current size with more than 3000 plants in operation worldwide.


EEI was founded in Vicenza and started its activities in the field of power electronics, industrial processes and automation systems.

EEI develops and implements Converters AC/ DC SCR with microprocessor control.

EEI continuing R&D in 1994 began producing inverters with digital technology with vector control.

EEI participates in the European CRAFT project with the University of Paderborn (DE)  Padua (IT) for the development of innovative methods of control.

EEI has been recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Research Laboratory

with DM 03/ 01/97 in OJ No.11 of 15/011/97.

EEI continuous innovation and collaboration with important italian and international players develops power converters for Renewable Energy and Physics research of the Big Science, laboratories and accelerators for medical applications in the cancer treatment field.

EEI get the certification of quality system ISO 9001.

With certificate No. 3562/00 issued by RINA in 2000.

EEI designed and manufactured foundamental equipment for the LHC particle accelerator:

 -The 26V-20kVA  Power Converter

-The 444 four- quadrant AC/DC power supplies of the superconductive dipoles

 EEI recived from CERN the «CMS gold award on the year 2004».

EEI receives certification of its security products for air-lifting with safety level SIL4 from STRMTG France.

EEI has supplied inverters for a PV plant of 100MW, installed in South Africa.

EEI has supplied 2 MW PCS in a utility scale energy storage system, for frequency regulation on Italian grid.

EEI has supplied 2 MW PCS in a utility scale energy storage system, for frequency regulation on Italian grid.

EEI has designed and manufactured a cubicle-frame AFE+Inverter for n°5 conveyor
belt stations in the south field lignite mine area in
Greece, for total power installed of 30MW.

EEI supplied the second power converter 26V- 20kA for LHC particle accelerator.

Supply of 1.5 MW/ 3 MWh off grid Hybrid System (Solar + Storage) in a power plant located in Rwanda.

EEI is developing all the power supplies for the accelerator of a new Hospital for MedAustron that will be installed starting from 2021 in Middle East.

Mission, Vision, Values

EEI’s mission began in 1978 from a various and consolidated experiences in power electronics, automation systems and industrial production technologies, in the conversion and storage of energy in the field of renewables, in the “Big Science” of scientific discoveries and hadrontherapy for the treatment of tumors.

We have combine the best of electronic technologies with a refined design capacity, also an in-depth knowledge of the production processes has always allowed us to provide our customers with the best solutions they needed.

Today EEI is at the center of a group of companies operating in synergy with each other, each bringing to its market the capacity to offer resulting from the common wealth of knowledge and continuous research.

This recognition has a significant value: it ensures the EEI customer on the company’s experience and implementation capacity and on the ability to constantly update, from a technological point of view through its own applied research structure. Often EEI aims at innovative applications destined to become technical references in the market.

This is demonstrated by the frequent involvement in special industrial plants, but also by the applications made in the field of nuclear physics, such as the supply of power supplies for the large particle accelerator (27 km in circumference) LHC of CERN in Geneva.

The companies that develop the new systems with EEI are leaders in their sector such as: CNAO, MED AUSTRON, LEITNER, TOSHIBA, GE.

EEI currently produces around 500 orders per year.

Each project typically corresponds on a cabinet made up of drives for controlling motors for industrial processes or static conversion in the energy field.

Our experiences in the construction of special plants and experimental equipment are manifold in numerous application sectors such as:

  • Static conversion and energy storage
  • Electric drives
  • Low voltage power supplies for the “Big Science” of research laboratories in the field of Particle Physics