Environmental and Quality Policy

EEI is committed to ensuring compliance with the Environmental and Quality Management System and the commitments that the Management has taken both towards external / internal Customers and to all the interested parties.

The Environmental and Quality Policy aims to have the maximum satisfaction of the Customer through the supply of a quality and reliable product through the involvement of aware and competent resources and through the sharing, at all levels, of the objectives, thus assigning to the Management , which gives full confidence, the responsibility of acting as a spokesperson.

In order to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty, the Management undertakes to:

  • Develop internal skills
  • Search for technologically reliable and innovative products
  • Establish relationships of loyalty and trust with suppliers for mutual technological growth
  • Reduce its environmental impact by studying and marketing high-efficiency products aimed at the
    green transition

To fulfill what is proposed therefore intends to:

  • develop and maintain an Environmental and Quality Management System as a tool to achieve the objectives, meet the commitments undertaken, promote the continuous improvement of business processes, ensure compliance with the mandatory requirements for products and related services, guarantee compliance obligations;
  • adopt an integrated risk management system, through process mapping and analysis of risks and opportunities for each critical process;
  • focus each activity on the needs of the customer to better satisfy it and in short times;
  • supply products and services that comply with all the requirements imposed by the laws in force in order to guarantee the safety and health of the users;
  • disseminate in the organization culture and appropriate methodologies so that whoever works there is constantly able to provide the best service expected of the client;
  • encourage staff and management so that they can implement their attitudes, interests and predispositions and develop their technical and organizational skills, thus ensuring a good level of internal satisfaction;
  • improve awareness of the entire life cycle of its products;
  • continuously improve environmental performance;
  • develop products that can reduce the environmental impact of the processes where they are used, with a
    view to mitigating ongoing climate change;
  • Develop innovative products from the point of view of energy management and storage, to integrate into
    an intelligent network (smart grid), which aims to reduce our environmental footprint with a view to a
    sustainable future and mitigating climate change.

And undertakes:

  • Towards internal resources to periodically evaluate the level of satisfaction in order to guarantee the continuity of the service in a suitable and serene environment and developing the skills
  • Towards Customers by monitoring their level of satisfaction through the supply of quality products in compliance with industry and regulatory standards
  • Towards Suppliers for a profitable collaboration aimed at developing technologically innovative solutions in order to make the product more attractive on the market, also from an economic point of view.