Since 1978 EEI S.p.A. designs and manufactures electronic equipment for cableway systems, for the transport of people and materials.
With more than 40 years of experience in the sector, EEI with its products is able to provide the highest quality standards in terms of reliability and safety.

In these years of activity, EEI has designed and built the electronic power and control equipment of hundreds of ropeways for the transport of people and materials, from the simplest to the most complex and automated, thanks to the considerable levels of safety achieved through continuous collaboration with the main world manufacturers.
The types of automation systems for cableway installations made so far:

  • Funicolars
  • Aerial Tramways
  • Inclined elevators
  • Teleferics
  • Surface lifts
  • Fixed-grip chairlifts
  • Detachable gondola lifts and chairlifts

New EEI proposal for cabinets is based on book style inverter structure, allowing efficient and compact solutions.


New solution EEI turnkey cabinet for “book” drives. Greater compatibility and easier maintenance, thanks to insertion of modules by rail.


  • AFE/INVERTER drives for  AC motors
  • AFE/CHOPPER drives for DC motors

AFE Solution Advantages :

The use of the A.F.E. (Active front end) allows, in addition to energy savings due to the very strong decrease in current harmonics and therefore losses due to the Joule effect, also the absence of power factor correction since the cosϕ towards the network is less than 0,95.
The combination with an inverter or a chopper allows to optimally adjust both asynchronous, synchronous DC motors.

The system is well suited for operations with gensets and allow to reduce the power of engine and alternator which are generally oversized in order to sustain low cosϕ.

For more than 20 years EEI has been using AFE drives in many fields of application from industrial to cableway with powers up to 2MW.


  • Modular IGBT power circuit architecture
  • THD(I) < 3%
  • AlSic base plate technology
  • Film capacitors
  • Low inductance connections
  • L filter
  • Full digital PWM management
  • HMI with datalogger for local storage and remote control
  • Braking unit integrated
  • Designed on customer request (optional)


  • Reduction of cabinet dimensions of 40-50% less
  • Homogeneous thermal expansion to reduce the thermal stress of IGBT
  • Extended lifetime and spare parts
  • High reliability ensured
  • Easy accessibility and maintenance
  • Suitable for different kind of motor control
  • Flexible bus bar for easy connection


EEI Turn-key cabinet solution for:

  • Uni/Bi-directional drive for a single DC motor applications.
  • 2Q/4Q drive  for multi DC motors applications .


  •  Rated current 150 A ÷ 2000 A
  •  Supply Voltage: 400 ÷ 690 Vac
  •  Output Voltage from 0 up to 100% of Vac


  • Drives with SCR or IGBT power circuit
  • Low inductance connections
  • HMI with embedded data-logger for local data storage and remote control
  • Air cooled


  • Close loop speed control
  • Armature voltage control
  • Current predictive control


EEI cabinets are composed by multi-modules built on steel plate cubicle with thickness of 20/10, with epoxy powder painting.

Cabinets can be assembled with a standard protection degree IP21- IP42- IP54.

Power connections are made with copper bars, with cables access from top or bottom: complete frontal opening and accessibility of all active components from the front doors enable easy maintenance of the equipment in the cabinet. Cubicle are predisposed with eyebolts for easy and safe lifting.


Standard and customized cabinets designed and manufactured by EEI are available with air.

EEI technical team is at Customer disposal for every request of cabinets for special environmental conditions.