EEI successfully operate in the marine industry with customized solutions, suitable for use in the marine environment, designing and implementing systems for the following applications

  • Charging/discharging station for submarines batteries.
  • 50/60 Hz Frequency Converters
  •  On-board Storage System.
  • Soft-start for thrusters and propulsion

Issues relating to environmental protection and energy saving are becoming very important in the yachting field.


EEI Charghing/Discharging stations are developed for conventional electrical powered submarines.
Stations are controlled by smart system able for charging and discharging submarines main batteries with voltage range capacities up to 750 Vc.c. and with a current up to 3000 A.
Using the EEI smart thyristor bidirectional power converter we can offer charging/discharging systems for a variety of conventional powered submarines (e.g. type U-209, type U-212 Todaro, type Sauro, type U-214 ect…) .
The system is designed to command and control the batteries charge/discharge cycles in local mode or remote mode through ethernet with the possibility to pre-defined curves IU, user configuration, save/recall different cycles and file data-logger for each battery cycle.
We are able to customized our product according to the technical specification requested.


  • Isolation transformer with double winding
  • Rectifier bridge with 12 pulses connection
  • Full digital thyristor regulation
  • Ripple filter choke
  • Filter capacitor
  • Fuses protection
  • Operating and monitoring panel
  • HMI with datalogger and remote control
  •  Supervisory system
  • Tailor-made solution
  • Available also new solutions with IGBT technology


  • High reliability ensured
  • Extended lifetime
  • Easy accessibility and maintenance
  • Low current harmonics distortion
  • Suitable for different batteries technologies.


EEI Shore power converters allow full operation of the vessels on board electrical system without generators.
Connection to the shore can be via one or multiple cords thanks to the modular design of the SPC input stage.
Thanks to the input transformers shore power is isolated to avoid tripping shore earth leakage circuit breakers.
Voltage back conversion to the desired AC voltage and frequency for the vessel is fully filtered and stable, suitable for onboard
loads. Totally seamless power transfer from vessel generator to shore and vice versa is possible according to the high precision
synchronization function.


Thanks to its modular structure SPC can be located in several locations when the available space is fragmented or in the same place when it’s possible. Furthermore the modular design along with compact dimensions allow to customize the system, matching customer needs.

EEI can provide SPC in Cabinet or in Containerized solution.


Coated print circuit boards, appropriate protection degree, stainless steel, all it needs for marine environment.


Low Voltage Solution:

60 kVA – 500 kVA 208- 520 Vac

Medium Voltage Solution:

3,2 MVA  3,3 kV


  • Multiple shore cords: thanks to modular structure it is possible the connection to several shore cords without restriction(no pre assigned master connection).
  • Seamless Transfer: power transfer from shore to vessel and vice versa.
  • Remote touch panel control
  • Other options can be implemented on demand.

Flexible software configuration allow wide functionalities

Wide product range LV and MV solutions

Equipped with latest power technology and design with more than 40 years of experience

Suitable for marine environment


Over the past few years, the nautical sector has increasingly oriented towards navigation with reduced environmental impact.
Hybrid solutions that aim to reduce emissions, fuel consumption and operating costs are therefore increasingly needed. EEI is able to offer at shipyards, converters and control components that increase the reliability, efficiency and quality of the gensets on board the vessels.

EEI Storage System is a DC/AC power converter for grid conditioning system, that is installed on board and permits the power interface between the AC main line by gensets and batteries system.

The PCS (Power Converter System) is able to interface with a high level controller, typically called PCS-controller.
The PCS-controller, which is generally connected with the battery management system (BMS) as well, sets the values ( power, voltage, other set points) and the function modes.
The PCS have an embedded system which reports alarms, status, real values, and all
the necessary data.


  • Topping up the available power from running generators, to avoid unnecessary additional start up, in the event of a transient peak load.
  • Optimizing generator loading
  • Withstanding the hotel load in «silent mode» for a period of time, allowng complete shutdown of gensets.
  • Propelling the vessel in «silent mode» for a certain period of time.

Flexible software configuration allow wide functionalities

Wide range of batteries compatibility

Equipped with latest power technology and robust design

Modular design permit a wide output power range