EEI has designed and supplied the inverters for the biggest PV Plant in South Africa

The pv plant built by Moncada Costruczioni (Italy) is close to the town of De Aar, South African’s Northern Cape. With a total peak power installed of 94,5 MW it has become South African’s largest PV plant and another great success story for EEI.

Customer: Construczioni Moncada (pty) ltd, Cape Town
Supply: 378 inverter units 8YF series with a nominal unit power of 250kW, for a total PV power of 94,5MWp
Year: 2013
Place of installation: De Aar, Northern Cape, South Africa

Over 200,000 thin film PV modules are installed on the site. Thin improvingly new panel type is based on amorphous silicon technology. All modules have been engineered to achieve the highest efficiency. They are designed and manufactured by Moncada Energy in Agrigento, Italy.
EEI’s DC/AC conversion is controlled by 378 8YF Series inverter units with a nominal unit power of 250kW.

The PV plant is built with a cluster topology layout in order to optimize the performance and ease maintenance on the site. Each unit provided by EEI is composed by one inverter, one LV/MV transformer and MV switchgear. All components use by EEI come from worldwide leading brands to ensure reliability and maximum efficiency.

EEI has developed its inverters to work under nature’s most diverse weather conditions. In this remote deserted area of South Africa, De Aar has a climate of extremes. Icy in the winter months and very high temperatures in the summer where the air temperature can easily exceed 40°C/104°F. For this reason EEI’s inverters are built and tested individually to function at full power in a closed environment at 50°C/122°F. No HVAC is required resulting in a cost saving and efficiency effective solution for our valued customers.

EEI has met South African’s grid code requirements and thus has obtained the RPPs certification for Renewable Power Plants.

This has been one more remarkable achievement which places EEI at the top level manufacturer of frequency inverters in Italy.

With the most demanding requirements and the strictest regulations met, EEI has once again proved being able to satisfy any customer needs