EEI is going along in the process of developing “Smart Grid” converters.

Costomer: Enertronica SpA, Frosinone,
Supply: PCS 260 kW off grid
Location: Eritrea

In partnership with Enertronica SpA association in Frosinone, EEI introduced an award-winning technological solution, resulting in significant business contracts in Eritrea.

The increasing development in Eritrea has intensified their need for electrical grid reinforcement. EEI met this need by providing a 260kW back-up plant integrated with a renewable energy source. This growing African country now enjoys a photovoltaic system with a power of 250kWp.
EEI’s solution provides increased reliability by pairing high-quality lead batteries to a photovoltaic plant, through DC to DC converters.

In ideal conditions for photoelectric energy generation, EEI’s system provides sufficient power to supply the loads and charge the system’s batteries. When the national electric grid experiences a blackout or a grid absence, our batteries can supply power without interrupting the power source for connected loads.

In case of an emergency, it will also be possible to use the energy produced by a genset.
High efficiency, dynamism and strength are the main features of this compact converter. Moreover, our technology allows us the flexibility to construct inverters compatible with every national grid-codes.

We are proud to take part in this innovative project together with Enertronica SpA and we are confident that our solution will be a concrete help in the development of Eritrea.