EEI is designing and manufacturing a cubicle-frame AFE+Inverter for n°5 conveyor belt stations in the south field lignite mine area, Kozani, western Macedonia of Greece.

Customer: EBG Terna S.A., Construction company of GEK Terna Group – Athens, Greece

Supply: Power converters for 20 asynchronous motors each 1,5 MW – 690VAC .
Place of installation: Kozani, western Macedonia of Greece

For each conveyor belt, EEI will provide frequency converters in order to supply and control n°4 independent asynchronous motors, in full compliance with the Employer’s specifications. Main requirements include:

• Motors power from 1250 to 1500 kW
• Demand of constant torque load with 150% overload capacity for 60 sec each 10min
• High efficiency
• High precision levels at dynamic speed and torque control
• Quick torque response
• Torque linearity
• Dynamic speed accuracy

Particular attention has been taken into account during the project development as the requirements are for harsh environment with high degree of dust and to be suitable to withstand forces applied to any component, caused by vibrations or possible earthquakes.

EEI will guarantee full assistance to the site construction work and commissioning with preventive maintenance programs during warranty period in order to avoid any out of service.

Our contractor, Terna S.A. with a registered office in Athens, Greece, is the construction company of GEK Terna Group. It is involved in the implementation of a broad spectrum of public and private projects of considerable budget and complex know-how, such as the construction of railway and highway networks, high quality office buildings, hospitals, museums, resorts, hydro-electric plants, dams, harbors, other industrial facilities and many more.