A new Revamping in Industrial Sector for EEI

  • Customer: Hjulsbro Steel AB
  • Supply: Complete new electrical equipment for revamping of CAP Strand Line.
  • Year: 2020
  • Place of installation: Linköping, Sweden

Hjulsbro Steel AB is  a leading manufacturer of PC strands used in many of the world’s architectural masterpieces.Prestressing steel and prestressed concrete are increasingly used in modern construction engineering. The market is expanding and we are going to see more construction works of different kinds, whose structure is supported by prestressed concrete. The product that has been developed and refined over 50 years in Hjulsbro has a bright future.

EEI designed and manufactured  new complete electrical cabinet, control desks including automation system for revamping of existing seven wire strand line replacing our old supply provided over 25 years ago

The new equipment is designed following the quality standards with the same existing internal components layout in order to maintain power and signal cables in the same position to permit our customer to save time during installation

The new  EEI drives generation used for  this project  with full digital regulation for command and control AC motors improved the performances, efficiency of machine and quality of final product  thanks  to high accuracy strand lay and high precision levels at dynamic speed and torque control by load cell feedback or indirect mode

The automation system has developed according to customer requirements, flexible to be interfaced with existing furnace and SCADA plant,  embedded Softscope functionality for remote support

EEI service team guaranteed full assistance on site during re-commissioning, training , spare parts and remote support.