1,5 MW Hybrid Solar / 3 MWh ESS in Rwanda

EEI supplied its PCS for hybrid off grid system with gensets in parallel.

EEI has provided an Energy Storage System that permits to power on a new University Institute in Rwanda, the realization is in partnership with SAET Spa (Padova).

The system is an hybrid off grid solution, with 1,5 MW of solar panels and 3 MWh of batteries storage capacity.

The Batteries keep stored the surplus of energy from the PV panels, making available their stored energy when the power from PV panels is not enough.

The system has paralleled with 4 gensets, to be used in case of need, when more Power Sources become unavailable.

Functions & Features:

  • Peak shaving
  • Grid-forming
  • Gensets parallelling and syncronization
  • Gensets consumption optimization